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Belustigungen in Dnepropetrowsk

0* Child's railway, Детская железная дорога
Child's railway, Детская железная дорога
Standort: Ukraine, Dnepropetrowsk

 In 1936 began construction of Ukraine's first children's railway. Above the road project children worked, and the approval of the plan was made Comsomols Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Transportation Engineers. The railroad was founded in the heart of the city of Dnepropetrovsk in the current Globa Park.

0* Cinema «MOST-kino», Кинотеатр «МОСТ-кино»
Cinema «MOST-kino», Кинотеатр «МОСТ-кино»
Standort: Ukraine, Dnepropetrowsk

 Cinema «MOST-kino» in Dnipropetrovsk can surprise each guest in Dnipropetrovsk is visited in the modern system, which is installed in one of the cinema halls. The development of modern technologies in the room was found 4-D system for new film. Which allows to observe when viewing 3-D image and also to feel special.

0* Cinema «Pravda», Правда «Кино»
Cinema «Pravda», Правда «Кино»
Standort: Ukraine, Dnepropetrowsk

 Cinema «Pravda» in Dnepropetrovsk - this is a cinema complex, which was created by emerging technologies. The cinema is located on the left bank of the city. In cinemas theater set deep Turndown chair, which will feel comfortable even the child themselves. The cinema consists of three halls.

0* Cinema «Rodina», Кинотеатр «Родина»
Cinema «Rodina», Кинотеатр «Родина»
Standort: Ukraine, Dnepropetrowsk

 Cinema «Rodina» the first cinema hall which was built in Dnepropetrovsk. In the cinema Rodina always show the best works of world cinema. Cinema offers: comfortable atmosphere, the biggest screen in town, convenient sessions, comfortable armchairs. In a movie theater and only in Ukraine, the system of individual club cards.

0* Cinema «SICH», Кинотеатр «СИЧ»
Cinema «SICH», Кинотеатр «СИЧ»
Standort: Ukraine, Dnepropetrowsk

 Cinema «SICH» - the first Ukrainian multiplex complex in Dnepropetrovsk. The movie theater has three halls, Blue, Red and Green. Movies playing in run every 15 and 30 minutes, it means that you will not have long to wait for the next session. In anticipation of screening, you can spend time in kinobare or pool table.

0* Circus, Цирк
Circus, Цирк
Standort: Ukraine, Dnepropetrowsk

 Dnipropetrovsk Circus - is one of the main attraction of the city, built in 1980 on the Dnieper embankment near Dnipropetrovsk Hotel. Circus in the Dniepropetrovsk is a unique structure, the architects have used in the construction of interesting compositional device - a visual transformation of the same architectural forms, depending on the conditions of perception.

0* Kuroles'e, Куролесье
Kuroles'e, Куролесье
Standort: Ukraine, Dnepropetrowsk

 Kuroles'e in Dnepropetrovsk - a new fleet of sport and recreation, which is located on the bank of the Dnieper. Once in play tricks you can perfectly spend time, have a picnic or family event. On the territory there is parking, lighting, bathrooms, as well as protection. Lovers of active holidays can rent any sports equipment.

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