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0* Airport, Аэропорт
Airport, Аэропорт
Standort: Ukraine, Kiew

 Boryspil International Airport is located 29 km south-east of Kyiv and 6 km south-west of Boryspil and occupies the territory of 943.0ha. The airport has two parallel runways and approximately 200 operational, office and auxiliary buildings and constructions.

0* Customs, Таможня
Customs, Таможня
Standort: Ukraine, Kiew

 Ukrainian law requires that travelers declare all cash and jewelry, regardless of value, upon entering Ukraine. Travelers should fill out a customs declaration and ask customs officials to stamp it. According to Ukrainian law, foreign citizens may bring up to $10,000 in cash or up to $50,000 in travelers' checks into Ukraine without a special license.

0* Embassy, Посольства
Embassy, Посольства
Standort: Ukraine, Kiew

 Afghanistan Chervonozorianyi Prospekt 42, Kiev 270 1394 Algeria B. Khmelnytskoho 64, Kiev 486 7079 Argentina Ivana Franko 36, Kiev 238 6922 Armenia Volodymyrska 45, Kiev 234 9005 Australia Kominterna 18, Kiev 235 7586 Austria Ivana Franko 33, Kiev 289 5759

0* Language, Язык
Language, Язык
Standort: Ukraine, Kiew

  The official language of state is Ukrainian. Ukrainian language is in East Slavic subgroup of the Slavic languages. Some words in Ukrainian language are the same with neighbor Slavic countries, most with Russian, Polish, Belarusian and Slovakia.

0* Money, Деньги
Money, Деньги
Standort: Ukraine, Kiew

 Ukrainian currency is HRYVNIA (abbreviation: UAH). Bills come in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 hryvnias and coins exist in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 kopecks, as well as 1 hryvnia, where 100 kopecks = 1 hryvnia.

0* Public Holidays, Праздники
Public Holidays, Праздники
Standort: Ukraine, Kiew

 Public and religious holidays in Ukraine. Calendar of commemorative dates for 2010 year.

0* Telephone, Связь
Telephone, Связь
Standort: Ukraine, Kiew

 International calls to Ukraine. The country code for the Ukraine is 0038 or +38 (for mobile phones). The city code for Kiev – 044, Odessa – 048, Lviv – 0322, Dnepropetrovsk – 056, Donetsk – 062 To make phone call to Kiev from abroad, you need to dial 0038 044 xxxxxxx (e.g. from the USA 00-380-44-xxxxxxx).

0* Weather, Погода
Weather, Погода
Standort: Ukraine, Kiew

 Weather forecast for the Kiev region. The air temperature in the coming days in major cities of Kiev region: Vyshgorod, Borispol, Brovary, Obukhov, Belaya Tserkov.

0* Wi-Fi, Интернет
Wi-Fi, Интернет
Standort: Ukraine, Kiew

  Almost every Hotel in Kiev has a business center or WI-FI internet access. At downtown you will find numerous of bars and restaurants which also provides wireless connection to the Internet. List below shows just some of the places were you will find Internet Connection.

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