Parke und Plätze
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Parke und Plätze

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Parke und Plätze

0* Monastic Island, Монастырский остров
Monastic Island, Монастырский остров
Standort: Ukraine, Dnepropetrowsk

 The Monastic Island - one of the favorite places of rest of the townspeople and visitors. It is situated on the River Dnieper, and has a crescent shape. Previously, the island was called "Komsomolsky", but in 1999 the island was returned the historic name "Monastery".

0* Park Globa, Парк Глобы
Park Globa, Парк Глобы
Standort: Ukraine, Dnepropetrowsk

 Globa Park is one of the oldest districts in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. The park was established as a fruit garden of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks by retired Lazarus Globo. Over the years its name has changed. During those period of time in Ekaterinoslavsky park gardener Adam Hummel was able to acclimatize specimens of rare trees, which were specially ordered from America. Also in the old days in the park were agricultural, industrial and handicraft exhibitions.

0* Sevastopol park, Севастопольский парк
Sevastopol park, Севастопольский парк
Standort: Ukraine, Dnepropetrowsk

 On the day of the celebration of Victory Day and the 225 th anniversary of Sevastopol in the city of Dnepropetrovsk happened inauguration of Sevastopol Memorial Park. Citizens and visitors of the city with great pleasure that love to stroll on the green outskirts of the park in his spare time.

0* Square of Vladimir Lenin, Сквер им. В.И. Ленина
Square of Vladimir Lenin, Сквер им. В.И. Ленина
Standort: Ukraine, Dnepropetrowsk

 Square of Vladimir Lenin in Dnepropetrovsk - one of the favorite places of the people to stroll and relax. On the territory of the square is a monument to the anniversary of the Chernobyl tragedy. Much of the park is reconstructed. In the urban action plans for further reconstruction of the park, namely: the creation of children's and sports complex in the park, reconstruction of fan zone where football fans gather before the match, the installation of large touch screens, which will be broadcast live football matches, installation of CCTV, etc.

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