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Chernigov Hotels - guaranteed booking in all hotels in Chernigov with instant confirmation

A convenient search of Hotels in Chernigov, comfortable payment conditions, instant confirmation of booking directly from the hotel to your email address - all this you will be able to find in the center of booking Hotel in Chernigov.

Thoroughly thought-out system of booking gives you an opportunity to get maximum information about any Chernigov Hotel - from descriptions and photos till the room availability and discount. Booking is free, you make a payment only for your stay. Review and testimonials of our users will let you make your own decision and choose the most suitable hotel in Chernigov, namely -

Park Hotel, Pridesnyansky Hotel, Ukraine Hotel.

Chernigov Hotels Booking - online reservation Hotels in Chernigov

3* Park Hotel
Park Hotel
Location: Chernigov, Chernihiv
Rate from: 47.00 €

 Park Hotel Chernigov - a modern three-star business class hotel opened 16 december 2011. Hotel sets in the picturesque parkland on the banks of the Desna river. Favorable location of the hotel provides a comfortable staying for both business guests and hotel tourists.

3* Pridesnyansky Hotel
Pridesnyansky Hotel
Location: Chernigov, Chernihiv
Rate from: 15.00 €

  Hotel-tourist complex Pridesnyansky – is a comfortable hotel which is located in the eastern part of Chernigiv on the picturesque bank of the Desna river, near to the central and historical part of the city, in 140 kms from Kiev and the international airport Boryspil.

3* Ukraine Hotel
Ukraine Hotel
Location: Chernigov, Chernihiv
Rate from: 23.00 €

 Ukraine Hotel Chernigov was opened in 1961. Its convenient location in the centre of both ancient and always young Chernihiv gives an opportunity to get to any part of our city quickly and without any obstacles. There is a reception desk where you are welcomed by receptionist on duty who will give you all necessary information in the lobby on the first floor.

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