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Entertainment in Chernigov

0* Art Museum, Художественный музей
Art Museum, Художественный музей
Location: Ukraine, Chernihiv

 Chernihiv Art Museum was founded in 1983 and is housed in a former women's gymnasium on the shaft. Before the revolution, the largest collection of works of fine art in Chernigov owned Ukrainian Museum of Antiquities Tarnovsky. In late 1896, this well-known Ukrainian patron of the arts brought to the city his collection, which included more than 70 portraits of Cossack, over 40 icons and folk paintings, about 15 thousand works of graphic art and sculpture, as well as the famous collection of more than 400 works, Shevchenko. About 600 paintings, graphic and sculptural works of Russian and Ukrainian artists XVII - XIX centuries, works of decorative art.

0* Cinema «Druzhba», Кинотеатр «Дружба»
Cinema «Druzhba», Кинотеатр «Дружба»
Location: Ukraine, Chernihiv

 In 1976 he opened a cinema «Druzhba», the film which grew more than one generation. In the late 90's movie business went into decline and in 1998 the theater was closed. In 2001, the cinema «Druzhba» opened in a renovated, after a complete reconstruction. The movie theater was installed a modern high-quality sound, comfortable seats and the biggest in Ukraine screen. To date, the cinema «Druzhba» to offer audiences entertainment center, and cultural and leisure activities, which include: slot machines, fast-food restaurant, a bar, and of course the latest movies and cash. In the cinema there is a flexible system of discounts. Visitors also will be pleased dopremernye shows, the annual celebration of New Year, Helovina, New Year shows, competitions and gifts. In June 2006, for even more comfort were installed VIP couches and places for kisses «Love Seats».

0* Historical museum, Исторический музей
Historical museum, Исторический музей
Location: Ukraine, Chernihiv

 Chernihiv Historical Museum Tarnovsky - one of the oldest and richest museums in Ukraine and is open to visitors since 1902. The museum has a long and complicated path of development. In 1925, the association is the historical museum of the Chernigov province of a scientific committee and the diocesan archival repository of antiquities Chernigov diocese.

0* Philharmonic, Филармония
Philharmonic, Филармония
Location: Ukraine, Chernihiv

 Chernihiv Regional Philharmonic was founded in 1944. State Philharmonic concert consisted of two teams of 12 people. First Philharmonic housed in the former convent Eletski. The room with room for 612 seats Philharmonic was in 1964 - in the former home of the diocesan Nicholas Brotherhood. In early 1920 the building housed the military-political course for the Red Army, then the club educators.

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