Churches and Cathedrals in Chernigov
Churches and Cathedrals in Chernigov, Chernigov Churches and Cathedrals, Most Visited Churches, Popular Churches in Chernigov, Chernigov Churches and Cathedrals

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Churches and Cathedrals

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Churches and Cathedrals in Chernigov

0* Catherine's Church, Екатерининская церковь
Catherine's Church, Екатерининская церковь
Location: Ukraine, Chernihiv

 Catherine's church in Chernigov is an outstanding monument of architecture. The temple was built in the style of Ukrainian (Cossack) baroque XVII - XVIII centuries. An architectural monument is located on the opposite Detinets hill at the entrance to the city. The church was built in 1715, in memory of the heroism of the Cossacks of the Chernigov Regiment commanded by Colonel James Lizoguba Hetman, who distinguished themselves during the assault on the Turkish fortress of Azov in 1696.

0* Eletskiy Monastery, Елецкий монастырь
Eletskiy Monastery, Елецкий монастырь
Location: Ukraine, Chernihiv

 Eletskiy Uspenskiy Monastery (XI century), Proletarska St, 1. It was founded by Chernigiv Prince Svyatoslav and also has caves of ancient Russian period. The architecture is in Ukrainian baroque style: Eletskiy Cathedral, 36 meter Bell tower, Petropavlovska church with refectory, cells. Now - this nunnery. In our time in the architectural ensemble of the monastery Eletski include: Cathedral of the Assumption XII century Gate tower XVII century., Refectory, Peter and Paul Church and the cell of the same period, the brick wall and a wooden house, built in 1648.

0* Pyatnitska Church, Пятницкая церковь
Pyatnitska Church, Пятницкая церковь
Location: Ukraine, Chernihiv

 Pyatnitska Church - a monument of architecture of the end of XII century. Slender towering structure on the territory of the current park named after Bogdan Khmelnitsky. Is erected church tradespeople masters abroad collateral fortified castle near the ancient trading. This is a single-headed chetyrehstolpny temple with a staircase to the choir in the western wall (here, in the thick walls, and galleries, passages, may have taken a defensive value).

0* Troisko-Ilyinsky Monastery, Ильинский монастырь
Troisko-Ilyinsky Monastery, Ильинский монастырь
Location: Ukraine, Chernihiv

 Troisko-Ilyinsky Monastery (1069) was founded by Antoniy Pechersky. The largest undeground church in Ukraine is located in Antoniy caves, which are 316 meters long. The monastery also has Ilyinska church, Troitsky Cathedral (1679), Vvedenska church with the refectory, 58 meter Bell-tower and cells.

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