Attractions in Donetsk
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Attractions in Donetsk

0* Bochum Bell I Бохумский колокол
Bochum Bell I Бохумский колокол
Location: Ukraine, Donetsk

 Bochum bell was installed in Voroshilovsky area near the Donetsk city council in 1997. The bell was cast in Germany in 1949 as a copy of one of the three bells, cast in 1851 and won at the Paris exhibition in 1867. This copy of Bochum bell ten times less than the original. The circumference of the bell is inscribed in German: BLASIUS HEISS ICH STERBLICH FUR CHRISTUS STARB ICH + UNSTERBLICH DURCH CHRISTUS LEB ICH.

0* Donbass Arena I Донбасс Арена
Donbass Arena I Донбасс Арена
Location: Ukraine, Donetsk

 Donbass Arena in Donetsk was designed and built specifically for holding in Ukraine of Euro 2012. The stadium is fully consistent with 5-star accreditation Cup. This means that during the European football championship in 2012, which will take Ukraine and Poland, the stadium may be the group matches of the tournament, quarterfinals and semifinals.

0* Mertsalova Palm I Пальма Мерцалова
Mertsalova Palm I Пальма Мерцалова
Location: Ukraine, Donetsk

 Mertsalova Palm is a symbol of the city of Donetsk. This wonderful masterpiece was created in 1896 by Alexey Mertsalov goduiz piece rails. A copy of the palm adorns the city of Donetsk in front of the building regional museum, and original is located in the Mining Institute in St. Petersburg. 1900 Mertsalova Palm was awarded the highest award of "Grand Prix" at the World Exhibition in Paris.

0* Sergei Bubka Statue I Памятник Сергею Бубке
Sergei Bubka Statue I Памятник Сергею Бубке
Location: Ukraine, Donetsk

 Monument to Sergei Bubka in Donetsk is set to honor an athlete, 10-times world champion, Olympic champion, honorary citizen of the city of Donetsk - Sergei Bubka Nazarovych. The monument was erected in 1999 under the direction of the architect Buczka and sculptor Yasinenko. Sergey Bubka monument located in the center of Donetsk Artema street, at stadium "Locomotive".

0* Tsar Cannon I Царь-пушка
Tsar Cannon I Царь-пушка
Location: Ukraine, Donetsk

 Tsar Cannon in Donetsk is a copy of Guns of the XVI century king, established in Moscow. Made of cast iron gun specifically for the capital of Donbass commissioned by the Moscow government. Weight Tsar Cannon 42 tons, and weighs 1.2 tons nucleus. Given its weight had to think seriously about the pedestal, so was custom-built, factory "Ofmal" in Shahtarsk, 30-centimeter-high platform, seven by seven meters.

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