Clothing and equipment for winter fishing and hunting

Clothing and equipment for winter fishing and hunting

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Clothing and equipment for winter fishing and hunting

Winter fishing is one of the favorite entertainments of real Russian men. Going to catch delicious prey together with a large company or alone, you should take care of special equipment. The type and composition of fishing equipment depends on the weather conditions of the terrain on which it is planned to carry out a "quiet hunt". In addition, it is necessary to take into account several other important factors, which we will discuss in more detail. Where to buy clothes + for hunting? Find equipment you can in the online store. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, you need to pay attention to the main recommendations for choosing clothes and shoes for winter fishing: The jacket or park should be made of warm breathable material and, most importantly, do not constrain movements. It is recommended to buy a jacket 0.5 times larger, counting on putting one warm sweater under it. It is important that the park is not vented, especially if you are going to fish in the Siberian region. Shoes for winter fishing are needed for 100% waterproof. You can buy special high boots for hunting, made of a resistant to the northern frost of polyethylene material. Usually boots for winter fishing are insulated with several layers of cgegay. Such shoes are also useful in mountain hikes in the autumn and winter. The sole of the boot should be stable and slightly embossed to prevent slipping on the ice during a hunting trip and fishing. Choose a sledge for winter fishing The next stage of preparation for a fishing trip is the selection of sledges for transportation of equipment and catch. In the online store you can order sleigh from frost-resistant plastic-polyethylene of high pressure. Similar models of sleds easily slide along snow-covered roads and ice, reliably saving fishing equipment. Sledges with a trailer are more spacious: with the help of such equipment it is possible to transport a very large catch. If you want to buy a model with a trailer, be sure to specify the length of the trailer: it can vary from 70 cm to 1.5 meters. Take into account that for transportation of expensive fishing equipment it is better to buy a sled from a tightly closed lid and raised by 15 centimeters in front. It should be noted that the usual military uniform is also suitable for hunting, mountain hiking and winter fishing. Buy clothes for hunting or a form at a reasonable cost can be on the specialized website of equipment for militarization.
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