Kiev Zoo
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Kiev Zoo

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Kiev Zoo

 The history of the Kiev Zoo starts from 1908 when Nature Lovers Society founded it. At the beginning Kiev Zoo was financed by the private donations and experienced hard period of time. At the first period of time Zoo couldn’t boast a large amount of animals – there were only 17 kinds. During the first winter period the animals of Kiev Zoo had to spend at Kiev railway station.
In 1911 relatively large area was given to Kiev’s Zoo by town council of Kiev. The relief of the territory was rough and not suitable for house – building or industrial engineering, but perfectly well suited the Zoo.

 First visitors come to the Kiev Zoo in 1914, but the Civil War and the World War I put obstacles in the way of the Zoo development. During the period of the Second World War the major part of the rarest species animals were evacuated to Germany. Before that period the number of animals in Kiev’ Zoo collection were about 1500. After World War II all of the buildings in Kiev Zoo were restored, renovated and animals were returned back to Kiev.

 In 1970 Kiev Zoo opened the Bird Pavilion which considered being the largest in Europe. Also, Kiev Zoo builds the Animals Island in 1982. The “Island of Animals” is separate from the rest of the Zoo with wide ravines and it’s attracting the visitors with Lions and Tigers. Years went by and in 1996 the Kiev Zoo was admitted to the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

 Nowadays Zoo in Kiev covers the territory more than 40 hectares and is one of the largest in former Soviet Union and one of the oldest zoos in Ukraine. The collection of zoo numbers is about 3500 animals, including Amur Tiger, Przhevalsky horse, bison, different kinds of birds, snakes, fishes, also more than 130 kinds of trees is presented in Kiev Zoo today.


Kiev Zoo 
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