Attractions in Odessa
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Attractions in Odessa

0* City Hall, Старая биржа
City Hall, Старая биржа
Location: Ukraine, Odessa

 Situated on the Primorskiy Boulevard the building which houses the City Hall nowadays is the place of the former old Stock Exchange in Odessa.

0* Founder of Odessa Richelieu, Основатель Одессы Ришелье
Founder of Odessa Richelieu, Основатель Одессы Ришелье
Location: Ukraine, Odessa

 A monument to the founder of Odessa Richelieu, probably the most popular place citizens and tourists. It is considered the founder of the Duke de Richelieu in Odessa. Monuments of June 30, 1827, and worked on a project known sculptor Martos.

0* Laokoon, Лаокоон
Laokoon, Лаокоон
Location: Ukraine, Odessa

 The sculptural ensemble of Laokoon is located in front of the archeological museum. Laokoon is the Greek pagan priest. He didn't please the sea god Poseidon who sent snakes upon him and his sons...

0* Monument to Orange, Памятник Апельсину
Monument to Orange, Памятник Апельсину
Location: Ukraine, Odessa

 Monument to Orange with a slice taken out mounted on a pedestal in the center of Odessa. By Arrangement - Alexander Tokarev. The entire area of the sculpture is about 12.5 meters in diameter.

0* Monument to Utyosov, Памятник Утесову
Monument to Utyosov, Памятник Утесову
Location: Ukraine, Odessa

 Monument to Utyosov is located in the heart of Odessa in Deribassovskaya. Opening memorial ceremony was held on 2 September, in celebration of the 206 th anniversary of the founding of the city. Creation of the monument took place in the capital of Ukraine in Kiev.

0* Opera House, Оперный театр
Opera House, Оперный театр
Location: Ukraine, Odessa

 Magnificent Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater is once echoed with concerts conducted by Peter Tchaikovsky and ballets featuring Anna Pavlova.

0* Philharmonic, Филармония
Philharmonic, Филармония
Location: Ukraine, Odessa

 The building occupies the site of the former Odessa new Stock Exchange. Philharmonic Hall, a historic monument in Odessa, was opened in 1899.

0* Potemkin Stairs, Потемкинская Лестница
Potemkin Stairs, Потемкинская Лестница
Location: Ukraine, Odessa

 The Potemkin Stairs (named after the rebellious battleship Potyomkin) are a formal entrance into the city from the direction of the sea.

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