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Odessa Hotels Booking - online reservation Hotels in Odessa, room availability

A convenient search of Hotels in Odessa, comfortable payment conditions, instant confirmation of booking directly from the hotel to your email address - all this you will be able to find in the center of booking Hotel in Odessa - UkraineHotelsOnline.com.

Thoroughly thought-out system of booking gives you an opportunity to get maximum information about any Odessa Hotel - from descriptions and photos till the room availability and discount. Booking is free, you make a payment only for your stay. Review and testimonials of our users will let you make your own decision and choose the most suitable hotel in Odessa.

4* Black Sea Hotel Bugaz
Black Sea Hotel Bugaz
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 94.00 €

 Black Sea Hotel Bugaz is situated right on the beach, 20 meters from the water's edge. Clean sand, the sounds attracted waves, sea air - that is what creates an unforgettable experience and a desire to return again and again. Black Sea Hotel Bugaz offers 144 rooms overlooking the sea and landscapes of the coastal zone: Suite, Junior Suite, Superior Standard, Standard, Standard Junior. In each room: system "climate control"; safes and minibars; Internet access; LCD-screen TV; satellite TV.

4* Black Sea Hotel Oktyabrskaya
Black Sea Hotel Oktyabrskaya
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 24.00 €

 Black Sea Hotel Oktyabrskaya is situated in the most convenient place of Odessa – it is the old and central part of the city with high trees, cobblestone pavement, people who still speaking in Odessa style and the good road interchange. The hotel has 57 rooms: Suite, Semi-suite, Semi-suite with sauna, Standard (double accommodation), Standart (single accomodation), Room of second category. In the every room: IDD telephone line; air-conditioner; mini-safe; mini-bar; TV.

4* Black Sea Hotel Otrada
Black Sea Hotel Otrada
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 75.00 €

 Black Sea Hotel Otrada is situated in one of the most picturesque sides of Odessa near the famous French Boulevard, in 10 minutes walk from the Musical Comedy Theatre, 2 km from the Deribasovskaya Street and Opera and Ballet Academic Theatre. 500 meters distance from the sea and Health Route make the hotel the ideal place for summer holidays.

4* Black Sea Hotel Panteleymonovskaya
Black Sea Hotel Panteleymonovskaya
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 51.00 €

 Four-star Black Sea Hotel Pantelyeimonovskaya is one of the most modern hotels in the city, located in the historical part of Odessa, near the world-famous market "Privoz". The convenient location makes stay in Odessa Hotel especially comfortable. By walking guests can easily come to the famous Deribasovskaya Street, then - to the Opera House and Potemkin staircase, which leads to the Odessa seaport.

4* Black Sea Hotel Park Shevchenko
Black Sea Hotel Park Shevchenko
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 85.00 €

 Black Sea Hotel Park Shevchenko opened in March 2013, it is located in the greenest part of the city. Black Sea Hotel Park Shevchenko offers facilities for business events, restaurants, fitness centers, indoor swimming pool, gym, solarium, sauna and beauty salon.

4* Black Sea Hotel Razdelnaya
Black Sea Hotel Razdelnaya
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 19.00 €

 Black sea hotels group offers the hotel of 38 rooms in the city Razdelnaya Odessa region. The hotel is located in the center of the city. Razdelnaya is situated in the north-west of the Odessa region of 78 km from Odessa between Hadzhibeevskyi and Kuchurganskyi estuaries. Black Sea Hotel Razdelnaya has 38 rooms: Suite, Two-rooms semi-suite, Standart single rooms, Standart double rooms.

4* Black Sea Hotel Rishelevskaya
Black Sea Hotel Rishelevskaya
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 48.00 €

 Absolute advantage of the Black Sea Hotels is the high standard of European hotel service. Black Sea Hotel Rishelevskaya is a perfect place for business meetings, conferences, banquets and celebrations. Here you can find all the components required for the successful affair. Hotel pleased to provide you with comfortable conference halls, homelike environment and highly skilled staff.

4* Black Sea Hotel Savran
Black Sea Hotel Savran
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 19.00 €

 Black Sea Hotel Savran is pleased to offer vacation inthe eco-tourism style. Only 200 km from Odessa is a picturesque corner of wilderness. Modernand comfortable rooms equipped with everything necessary and excellent service will provide a positive experience of visiting Savran.

4* Continental Hotel
Continental Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 117.00 €

 The building of Odessa hotel Continental is a monument of town-planning and architecture, it was built in the middle of the XIX century by the famous architect F.V. Gonsiorovsky and It was reconstructed in 2005. Continental hotel has become nowadays a modern four-star business-hotel, and it is still one of the most remarkable hotels in Odessa, due to its splendid architecture.

4* Londonskaya Hotel
Londonskaya Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 110.00 €

 Fashionable façade, marble staircases, sparkling crystal chandeliers, bright stained-glass windows - we are certain that this atmosphere of unique luxury will welcome you to an extraordinary experience. Your stay here will be a special event, a walk through history - perhaps you will stay in the same room where Isadora Duncan soared in dance; or where Georges Simenon wrote one of his detective masterpieces; or where Marcello Mastroianni waved to his adoring fans from the balcony.

4* Mozart Hotel
Mozart Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 105.00 €

 Mozart Hotel is situated in the very heart of the city so the central streets , boulevards, museums and unique «Odessa’s yards» as well as boutiques of the famous brands are in immediate proximity to the hotel. Four-story building of the Hotel Mozart Odessa features an elevator, independent power and water supply, autonomous heat supply. The rooms of different classes are available for the guests: Standard, Semi De Luxe, De Luxe (Jacuzzi), De Luxe Apartments (sauna and jacuzzi).

4* Nemo Hotel
Nemo Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 73.00 €

 Hotel Nemo - come and stay as a guest of dolphins! The new and modern hotel in Odessa invites you, your guests, and your friends to experience comfortable accommodations and living quarters, comfort, care, and friendly personnel that will make your hotel stay unforgettable.

5* Otrada Hotel
Otrada Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 149.00 €

 Welcome to Otrada Hotel, located in Uyutnaya street, one of the most prestigious sites of in of Odessa in the area of Frantsuzsky Boulevard near the Otrada beach. The structure was built at the end of the XIX century according to design of famous architect Rossi.

5* Palace Del Mar Hotel
Palace Del Mar Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 136.00 €

 In Palace Del Mar hotel there are 35 rooms in different categories. Each of luxurious bedrooms is beautifully appointed, tastefully designed, warm and comfortable and there is a variety to choose: from a superior room to a luxurious presidential suite.

4* Palladium Hotel
Palladium Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 79.00 €

 Hotel Palladium, a new luxury hotel Odessa, offers you and your guests and friends comfortable accommodation and living expenses. Friendly staff will make your stay unforgettable. All guests are sure to become friends and loyal customers. The hotel has 23 comfortable rooms, equipped with autonomous power supply, cable TV, air conditioning, control systems such as "Smart House" and many others.

3* Yunost Hotel
Yunost Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 47.00 €

 For more than a quarter of century, we encounter the guests of Odessa with warmth and hospitality. Yunost Accord Hotel is located in one of the most picturesque parts of Odessa - the shady French Boulevard. Odessa hotel offers a beautiful view of the city and the sea coast and around the hotel Botanic Garden is spread. Not far along the coast there are the beach Chkalovsky and the famous "Arcadia".

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