Black Grave in Chernigov
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Black Grave

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Black Grave in Chernigov

 The mound "Black Grave" is located in Chernigov near Eletsky monastery. This is one of the largest remaining ancient mounds of the tenth century. According to legend, this mound buried Black Prince, who founded the city and gave it a name.

 Dimensions mound impressive. Its diameter - 40 meters, the circumference - 125 meters wide and 11 meters. In the old mound was surrounded by a moat around the perimeter of the width of 7 meters. In the burial mound, two men and a woman according to the custom of cremation.

 Along with them were buried in their clothes and paraphernalia. Some of the exhibits found in the tomb was lost, but most of the finds are now kept in the Moscow Historical Museum.


Black Grave
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