Collegium in Chernigov

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Chernigov Collegium

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Collegium in Chernigov

 Chernihiv Collegium was founded in 1700 by Archbishop John as an educational institution. The building was built in the style of the Collegium of the Ukrainian baroque of the means of Hetman Ivan Mazepa.

 College was opened on the basis of the Slavonic-Latin School. It was intended to educate not only the children of the clergy, and nobles, burghers and the Cossacks. And reminded the Kiev Theological Academy. Due to the level of training of students, the school has received wide popularity and in fact became the first seminary in Russia. Chernihiv Collegium became a model of education and later began to open seminaries in other dioceses.

 In 1776 Chernihiv Collegium was reorganized into the seminary on the model of Russia. It was organized by the Museum of ecclesiastical tradition and church archaeological commission. Teachers Seminary engaged in scientific work, published in "Chernihiv diocesan Izvestia" and journal "Faith and Life".


Chernigov Collegium
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