Sergei Bubka Statue in Donetsk
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Sergei Bubka Statue

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Sergei Bubka Statue in Donetsk

 Monument to Sergei Bubka in Donetsk is set to honor an athlete, 10-times world champion, Olympic champion, honorary citizen of the city of Donetsk - Sergei Bubka Nazarovych.

 The monument was erected in 1999 under the direction of the architect Buczka and sculptor Yasinenko. Sergey Bubka monument located in the center of Donetsk Artema street, at stadium "Locomotive".

 The monument is a bronze sculpture of a famous athlete, who is preparing to implement a jump, holding a pole. At right knee sculpture flying swallow. The height of the monument to 3,5 meters.

 It is noteworthy that the pedestal on which stands the sculpture height of 6 meters 15 centimeters - is the record height at which jumped Bubka.


Sergei Bubka Statue
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