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Today, passenger transportation has become a very popular and popular service of the modern market, as people have gradually become more mobile and active. Some on the road "pulls" the passion for change and the desire to discover new places and landscapes, others actively go on business trips, solving business problems of their company or organizing their own business. And, finally, the third category of travelers is mainly students and young people who regularly go to their relatives or parents to visit them, because they are far away from them. And the most popular means of transportation in recent years have become small minibuses, since the cost of traveling to them is not so high as the cost of a ticket for a train, and even more so, an air ticket. And this travel takes a little time, as buses are able to develop speed for 100-150 km / h. If you also belong to such active and mobile, we suggest you use the services of our company. We organize passenger transportation to Crimea from Dnepropetrovsk, organizing you the most comfortable and not taking much time traveling. So, at the service of our passengers we can offer a Dnepropetrovsk-Simferopol bus, designed for 20-24 seats. The bus is equipped with comfortable seats with orthopedic reclining backs, a large luggage compartment, audio and video system, as well as a climate control system, so the summer heat and winter cold do not affect the quality and comfort of passengers! The return road runs along a different route - Yalta-Dnepropetrovsk, but you can get on the bus, provided there are available seats in it, in any city of Crimea and in Ukraine. We organize for only private, but also group trips, acting as a sightseeing bus, bringing the passengers to their destination and picking up 1-2 days ago. This approach opens up wider opportunities for tourists in terms of organizing their stay in the Crimea. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that in the current political and economic conditions it is very important to cooperate with a reliable and trusted carrier company so that the trip to the Crimea and back is not only comfortable, but also as safe as possible. We are happy to assure you that we understand all the nuances of the current situation and have been working in this field for several years already, having all the necessary permits, licenses and certificates received from the Ukrainian and Russian authorities. We work professionally, providing only high-quality international-level services, providing each vehicle with a driver who is an extra-class professional. Before the departure of the driver, the medical worker who signs the travel sheet and allows him to travel to the voyage inspects the driver, which is also the observance of the policy of respectful attitude to each passenger, proving that we do not risk other people's lives for the sake of profit. On our website you can not only specify the schedule for which buses are sent to the flight, but also book the necessary number of tickets, as well as leave an application for luggage space. You can discuss all the details of the trip with the leading manager of our company, directly in the online mode or with the help of e-mail. We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the feedback of our customers, including those who are permanent, in order to make an in-depth presentation of our capabilities in the area of ​​passenger transportation. Yes, we guarantee you an unforgettable trip in the most comfortable conditions, during which you will really rest or enjoy the magnificent views opening out of the window!
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