What is rafting
What is rafting

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What is rafting


What is rafting

Rafting history

The term "rafting", from the English "raft" - raft, means rafting on the river. The history of rafting in our country goes back to the post-war period. It was during these years in the USSR that enthusiasts made the first attempts at rafting on rough taiga rivers on chopped wooden rafts. The popularity of tourism in Soviet times was supported by the state in every possible way, and was so massive that tourism in the USSR was recognized as not an Olympic sport. In sports tourism (pedestrian, mountain, water, automobile, speleo), as in any sport, there was a system of ranks and titles - from the USSR tourist badge to the discharger and above. The titles of candidate master of sports, master of sports of the USSR and master of sports of international class were awarded, depending on the level of routes passed and status in the group (leader or participant). The routes were qualified in ascending order from the first (easiest) to the 6th category of difficulty.

Over the years, the level of technical and tactical equipment of sports water tourism has grown steadily. A wooden chopped raft with underbeds was replaced by a raft made of a duralumin frame on inflatable elements, and in the late 70s - early 80s in the USSR, for the first time in the world, a catamaran was used for rafting on rough water. Four- and two-seater catamarans immediately won the hearts of athletes. The successful combination of maneuverability, stability, controllability, reliability of catamarans has greatly expanded the possibilities of sports tourism. With the help of catamarans, rivers that were considered impassable until then were passed. The catamaran is a legendary ship. Many athletes owe their lives to him.

Modern rafting

And to this day in Ukraine there is a system of sports tourism (the Federation of Sports Tourism in Kiev and branches in regional centers), and the system of ranks and titles has also been preserved. At the local federations of sports tourism, there are route qualification commissions that monitor the compliance of the training of participants with the chosen route. With the change in the state system, commercial rafting appeared in the post-Soviet space. The word "rafting" and the idea of ​​commercial rafting came to us from abroad. Many veterans of sports tourism of the USSR in the changed economic conditions have made rafting their profession, taking into this new business all their many years of experience in rafting on the most difficult rivers.

Today rafting Ukraine uses multi-seat rafts with special drain holes. A safety rope runs along the perimeter of the raft, which you can hold onto when you fall out of the boat. Large dimensions and bead diameter ensure good stability. The rowers' equipment includes a paddle, helmet and life jacket. We borrowed rafts and all rafting techniques from foreign rafters.

In the past 10 years, kayaking has also gained immense popularity - rafting on rough water in single plastic boats - kayaks. Kayaking is an extremely extreme sport that requires the highest physical fitness, coordination and skill from an athlete.

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