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Usually, summer residents love to divide their territory into groups, that is, to engage in landscape design. The term landscape design itself came to us from the east. This means dividing your site into some semantic areas. By these actions, your site becomes not only pleasing to the eye, but also convenient to work with.

The sites can be different. Greenhouse, winter garden and so on. Keep in mind that the beauty landscape brand itself focuses on the fact that it should be made of practical materials.

The most widely used type of terrain is decking. Usually, decking is divided into subgroups, which are distinguished by material and width. As a rule, such a decking dpk decking board can last 50 years, or even more. The thickness can be up to 50 mm.

Terrace boards vary greatly in shape. They can be called: corduroy, hem, or standard smooth. Also in decking they use not only wood, but also polymer.

Decking uses very high quality materials that are very practical, durable, durable, environmentally friendly and withstand different temperature changes. At the moment, there is a huge variety of materials. All of them vary in thickness, color and quality, but you should not take the first material that comes across. Before choosing a decking board, carefully study what this board consists of, and find out if it is suitable for you.

Everyone understands that detailed instructions are required to install a terrace board, but in addition to this you will need: a tape measure, a pencil, a screwdriver, a working hammer, marks for setting any undercuts, a jigsaw, a circular saw, a saw, gloves, a drill and, of course, goggles ...

It's better to start with a quality foundation. To lay the foundation, you will need to remove the grass cover under the future foundation, then make a small hole about 20 cm, filling it with 80% rubble, and then fill it to the end with gravel.

Further, it is necessary to calculate the length for which the profile is stretched, so that it would be somewhere 20% less than the installed coating. Ready-made logs must be installed in parallel, so that the distance between them is at least 30 cm.

It is necessary to strengthen this structure with slats (transverse) in order for the structure to be more convenient when replacing landscape design. The lags should cover the entire area for 100 percent support, but in no case do not wrap them in. Conditions may not be entirely favorable in the future.

And now we proceed to the installation of the terrace board. It is necessary to pre-drill holes 2 mm in diameter. Then we fix the whole thing with screws. Do not overdo it when using screws. After making sure that everything was done as it should, move on.

Taking screws with a semicircular head and stainless steel, we lay the decking, reinforcing with screws. It is better to perform this operation at a temperature of at least 0 degrees. Then aluminum surfaces must be attached to the sides of the decking. Do not forget that the ends that you laid should go in one line.

In general, landscape design is very entertaining, amazing, creative and serious business. This business will decorate your summer cottage, thereby it will simply be pleasant to be on it.

This service is brought to you by Business Travel Group.
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