Geophysical surveys

Geophysical surveys

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Geophysical surveys

Geodesy is a group of methods aimed at studying the natural and artificial physical fields, and the properties of soils. Usually, work is carried out during well development. And the task of the company is to study the rocks for sections and their density. There is special modern equipment for carrying out the necessary investigations.

General provisions of research
Before conducting a study, a work plan is developed, the necessary type of equipment is selected for studying the soil and all its geophysical characteristics. A work project is created, for example, geodesy, which includes the study of the area, the study of the required object. All studies and geophysical surveys are carried out in accordance with all regulatory documents and licenses for exploration work. In the course of the working process, the degree of physical parameters of the soil, its thickness, looseness, etc. are studied. The possibilities of tectonic threats (under the influence of the forces of the earth's crust), and geomorphological factors with the possible and impossibility of threats (external factors) are studied in situ. These threats include the proximity of groundwater, the possibility of landslides, the threat of mudflows. Zone of increased seismological (earthquake) volcanic risk, zone of tectonic cracks in the soil.

Also, issues such as lithology of rocks (rockiness of mountainous terrain, stony fractions of plains) are being studied to study the degree of stability of a rocky substrate. Special equipment is used to study the degree of the earth's magnetic field. This is necessary if industrial facilities with high electricity consumption will be used for construction. The main stages of the tasks of studying geophysical soils:

Determination of the composition and structure of soils.
The presence of specific and unstable soils on the site (fractions of river and swampy areas).
Determination of the level of tectonic and geomorphological threats.
Determination of voids and sand fillings in the soil.
Identification of all hydromorphological indicators of groundwater (flow rate, direction, level of occurrence, etc.)
Putting points of possible threats on the field plan and navigation devices.
Determination of all elevations and the level of slope of the mountainous terrain, creating a schedule.

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