History of slot machines

History of slot machines

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History of slot machines

In 1985, the first slot machine was manufactured. The man who made it was called Charles Fey. He worked on his car until 1907, after which he sold it. The first car was called the Mills Liberty Bell.

For a modern man, the design of the machine would have caused shock, it was sheathed with iron, had legs and toes. The machine had the same reels as now, but instead of pictures, there were real cards: king, queen and jack. When you won, the bell rang. These days, the bell sounds at the maximum jackpot value as well.

Since 1907, many machine guns have not advanced much in design. But the new models have computer memory to provide random sets of hundreds of symbols and special bonuses. The number of drums has also increased, now there are more than three of them. In 1910, on the basis of the "Liberty Bell", a new machine was designed, which was called "Operation bell", a hole appeared in the machine for a coin, and fruits were depicted on the drums.

The first machines weighed over 100 pounds and nearly 30,000 units were sold. The slot machines changed again after 5 years. Now they began to be made of wood and cheaper so that the casino would buy them more willingly. The production of automatic machines was also simplified. While the first machines were very noisy, the new ones worked much quieter, they also had a double jackpot.

30 years have passed since the creation of the first slot machine, and only now they have gained popularity. Most of the slot machines were played by women, who whiled away the time, waiting for their high rollers to leave the table. There were more and more slot machines, and the casino income from them became 2/3 of the total income.

Currently, there are two types of slot machines: regular and slot. They differ from each other only in one thing: the progressive ones have a growing jackpot. Sometimes the jackpot is over one million dollars. On a progressive basis, games are linked together in a carousel. The carousel collects data from all cars to increase the jackpot. Whoever wins on one of these machines takes the entire amount.

The machines also have different money denominations. The most popular are the five cent machines. Now slot machines have more lines and five reels. The more lines, the more chances to win. The most difficult machines have a progressive jackpot. Each reel has its own set of symbols. As a rule, slot machines pay from 83 to 98%. Most of the machines accept a maximum of 3 coins, but there are some that can be up to 20. To win the jackpot, you need to pay the maximum amount. If you paid less, you can only get a couple of bonuses. Three-coin jackpots usually pay out 150%.

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