Quality log baths are created by our team of professionals!

Quality log baths are created by our team of professionals!

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Quality log baths are created by our team of professionals!

The design and construction of a wooden bath is a complex work that must be carried out by specially trained personnel and experienced specialists. Otherwise, the building may not fulfill the functional load that was originally assigned. In addition, it is extremely unsafe for human health. The bathhouse must be correctly designed so that it is comfortable to be here.

We draw your attention to the fact that the draft of this plan is "divided" into several main categories. Russian bath is an abundance of wet steam. It appears during the contact of a hot stone with water. Also, essential oils are used here that make the steam saturated. It is generally accepted that such water procedures are healing, due to the penetration of essential oils into the respiratory tract.

If we are talking about dry steam - this is a Finnish steam room. Note the fact that physiologically, not everyone is easy to be in a room where there is an abundance of moisture. This concentration can be extremely unsafe for people who have a weak heart. In this regard, the Finnish bath is somewhat safer. Also, it should be understood that the construction of the bathhouse or bath complex will be carried out by specialists.

The second option involves the creation of several floors, as well as the development of additional rooms where there will be a pool, a place to relax, a kitchen, billiards, etc. Any of these projects can be implemented in parallel with the steam room in order to create a real complex where it is convenient and pleasant Spend some free time.

The best log baths are created by sddu.com.ua specialists!

We recommend that you turn to the services of our company, since for many years it has been engaged in the creation of buildings and various kinds of objects from natural massif. We work with the best materials and guarantee a high level of quality of activity. Pay attention to the abundance of options that will be offered to you. We create baths from a log house, a bar, the rounded log. Each of these projects will have a certain style, appearance, type.

Managers are always ready to advise you, answer the questions posed, tell more about design, and also work with your project, if any. We know what a professional service is and are happy to offer it to you!

This service is brought to you by Business Travel Group.
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