How to wear a gold bracelet?

How to wear a gold bracelet?

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How to wear a gold bracelet?

Jewelry today plays a very important role. They are the best way to complete a person’s outfit and complement his style. In addition, they allow you to give an image of solidity. Especially when it comes to gold jewelry, emphasizes the women's blog. These accessories are categorized as status items. They never lose their relevance, they look solid and attractive. In addition, such products are considered universal. They can be worn at a special occasion, in an office, restaurant, theater or for a walk. The main thing is to choose a decoration suitable for design. This is not so difficult, given that jewelers are now creating a huge number of products of different types and forms.

One of the most favorite accessories for women is a gold bracelet. Such a decoration is considered quite "self-sufficient." It can not be supplemented with other jewelry. Although, if desired, you can wear it in the kit. It is best to complement the bracelet with earrings or a ring. Great if they will be from the same headset. It is allowed to use the third element, however, this must be done carefully and only if the other products look quite strict.

Now it has become fashionable to combine a bracelet with a watch. This solution is allowed for casual style. Designers do not recommend coming to the office, to a business conference or social event. Watches and bracelets can be located on one or on different hands - it does not really matter. Not bad if the accessories are in contrast. A complex bracelet can be complemented with a watch with a complex design.

When buying jewelry, remember that it should “sit” on your hand freely, but without risk of slipping off your wrist.

If you form a casual style, then there may be several bracelets. However, do not wear too many of these accessories, otherwise they will lose their solid and stylish look, and will look messy. For solemn and serious events it is worth restricting yourself to one bracelet. In addition, when combining several products, keep in mind that one or two accessories should be brighter than the others and used as the basis of the composition. The rest will shade them.

It is better to wear bracelets with short or medium sleeves. In extreme cases, if the sleeve is strict, you can put on an accessory over it. However, you can not combine bracelets and long fluffy sleeves with frills and decor.

So that a gold bracelet can be worn constantly and for any events, buy the classic version. If you have the opportunity to purchase several products - you can order bracelets of original shapes.

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