How to choose and buy a hookah

How to choose and buy a hookah

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How to choose and buy a hookah

Types of hookahs
There are classic and modern hookahs. Classic models are made of bamboo or pumpkin. They are beautiful, original and can serve as interior decoration, but they are not practical. But their modern counterparts are made of glass and metal. They can be used often and for quite a long time, they are more functional, but less original. But there are exclusive models that will decorate even the most exquisite room. Further, hookahs are divided into species that depend on the country of origin.

How to choose a hookah
If you want to buy a hookah for a gift as an object of interior, then you should look at the classic version. And if you choose it for permanent smoking, it is better to give preference to modern models. But for all there are common requirements.

The tubes must be securely and tightly attached to the hoses.
Hoses for convenience is better to choose long. This is especially true for products with several chubuks.
The shaft must be made of nickel-plated brass or stainless steel.
The flask, regardless of the material, must be strong and tight.
The best material for a bowl of tobacco is ceramics. She washes well and does not absorb the smell.
A saucer that prevents the ingress of ash on the floor and other surfaces should have high sides. The exception is made by Indian models, which have no saucers at all.
Important! Detailed instructions for the assembly and use of hookah must be attached. If it is absent, it means that the product is made in some underground workshop, and, accordingly, it is not necessary to expect good quality from it.

Smoking Accessories and Supplies
In the Smoky Panda shop you can also buy tobacco for hookah, coal and various additional accessories to the product itself (bowls, mouthpieces, flasks, hoses, foil, etc.).

Each product as a gift comes with:

Brushes designed for cleaning mines and flasks.
Puncher for foil.
Coal clippers.
Order through the online store
In the online store you can buy a hookah large and small, glass, metal and ceramic, expensive and cheap. To do this, just go to the site of this store, select the appropriate model and order it by phone (066) 313 51 20.

In conclusion, we can say that in the Smoky Panda you can buy homemade hookahs, for cafes and restaurants, expensive and not so exclusive and ordinary, classical and modern. Also here are all the necessary accessories and related products.

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