How to care for a fish tank

How to care for a fish tank

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How to care for a fish tank

Having fish is a great way to escape boredom and find a new hobby. After all, watching the fish is quite interesting, and it is also quite interesting to look after them. Species aquariums look especially beautiful, but it is much more difficult to maintain them. A very important factor for fish is the temperature of the water, since it should be different for each type of fish, and most importantly, as comfortable as possible. If there are different types of fish in the aquarium, then you need to choose an average temperature that is suitable for everyone. To control the water temperature, you need to install a thermometer and a pump for the aquarium. Also, aquatic inhabitants are very sensitive to hardness and pH levels. Especially high rigidity should not be allowed, since with it the fish may not reproduce, and there will also be frequent morbidity. To control the hardness and pH level, special testers and pH meters are used.

The importance of proper nutrition
The issue of nutrition is especially important. You can not feed the fish constantly with the same food, as many beginners do, this can have a very bad effect on the health of the fish. Meals should be varied and include all essential minerals and vitamins. It is also worth being careful with live food. Fish grow rather quickly from it and gain large sizes. But in live food there may be parasites and viruses that the fish can become infected with. Because of this, some aquarists grow live food themselves. You can also buy frozen food, as it has its own advantages, because after freezing most of the parasites die. Therefore, frozen live food can be given to fish without fear, especially since all nutrients are stored in it better than in dry food.

Diseases of fish
Fish, like all living things, can get sick, especially if you are still poorly familiar with the aquarium and do not provide proper care. But if you notice the disease during the time, you can prevent serious consequences and cure aquatic life. And it is best to allocate a separate small aquarium for quarantine, where sick fish will move during the illness. This will prevent the rest of the fish from getting contaminated, as well as making the recovery faster and more successful.

It is good if there are live plantings in the aquarium. But before planting them, it is necessary to fill the soil with a layer of 4 cm to the bottom, and also provide special lighting, best of all fluorescent.

And the most important thing is the right choice of fish. When buying, you need to pay attention to the condition of the fish, they should be active, with intact fins, the abdomen should not be swollen, the eyes should not be cloudy. The whole body of the fish should be uniform and clean without spots, and have a healthy color.

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