How to choose an evening dress for your figure?
How to choose an evening dress for your figure?

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How to choose an evening dress for your figure?

A holiday is not far off, and you, as usual, have no idea what to wear. Over and over again turn your wardrobe upside down and realize that there is nothing suitable.

And once again you go shopping in search of a new dress. How do you make the perfect choice? What model of evening dress should you opt for? It all depends on the goal you are pursuing.

If you need to emphasize feminine curves, then ideally a dress with spaghetti straps with a skirt, which is cut along an oblique line, made of light and airy fabric, will suit you. Such a dress will not only emphasize, but also visually create feminine curves. The eyes of others will be mainly focused on the top of your figure.

If your goal is to visually reduce the hips, then it would be preferable to buy an evening dress with a bell-shaped bottom. This means that the fabric should fit snugly around the waist and the gap between the waist and the widest part of the hips, and then should expand smoothly. However, it should be remembered that the expansion does not have to be strong. Since you can get the opposite of the expected result. You can choose the top of the dress at your discretion. The deep neckline looks impressive.

If you want to look thinner, then a dress that completely hugs the body just below the bust will suit you. The skirt should be a little loose, the fabric on it should fall off in a loose, light fold in the hips. This dress fits perfectly with the plunging neckline, which also accentuates the slim waist. If you are a large lady, then choosing dresses of large sizes, you can also give preference to these models.

If you are embarrassed by wide shoulders, and you would like to visually reduce them, then choose a chiffon dress with small sleeves and a loose skirt that develops in waves. An airy, not very long sleeve will not focus the attention of others on the shoulders.

In the event that your main goal when choosing a dress is to hide plump arms, you must choose it with long sleeves. To look more impressive, such a dress should be either short or with a deep cut on the back. The sleeve can be either tight-fitting or loose - it's only your choice.

If you are short and would like to look taller, then you need to choose a dress with a high waist and a skirt that goes down smoothly. It should not be completely tight, however, it is also not allowed to be very loose. It should be remembered that the length of such a dress, ideally, will be below the knee. And don't forget about the heels that will harmoniously complement your look.

Good luck choosing your perfect dress!

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