How to choose a stylish wristwatch?

How to choose a stylish wristwatch?

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How to choose a stylish wristwatch?

A wristwatch is a very important accessory that must be chosen very carefully. When going to specialty stores or visiting online stores, eyes simply run up from the huge range of this product.

It is necessary to choose a watch in accordance with income, taste preferences, style, as well as lifestyle.

The hardest choice of wristwatches for business people. Here you should be guided by certain rules and laws.

First, the watch should not be very luxurious, too provocative and pretentious. Neither inlay with real diamonds nor Swarovski crystals will add status to the owner.

Excellent taste will be demonstrated by a discreet but expensive watch model.

The cost of this accessory must be weighed against income. It is not worth buying a very expensive men's wristwatch for the last money. In this case, it is better to choose an inexpensive but high quality model.

Mechanical watches are the prerogative of the elite. Neither quartz nor electronic watches will give the same status as models with a mechanical winding.

Twisting the spring, which is located in the movement, is a classic way of winding a wristwatch. However, the main disadvantage of mechanics is the accuracy of the watch. Such a mechanism can react to shaking during sports, humidity and temperature changes. However, a mechanical watch is capable of deceiving only 20 seconds per day. Some models of wrist watches with mechanical winding have chronometers with a pendulum, which are reliably protected from moisture and temperature fluctuations.

Self-winding models are very popular. Such watches are powered only by the energy of hand movement and do not require manual winding. However, self-winding wristwatches are not suitable for sedentary people.

There is no need to wind up a quartz watch as it has batteries. The quartz movement is quite small, which allows manufacturers to create very miniature watches.

After determining the type of mechanism, you need to think about what to choose - a strap or a bracelet. The most ideal and practical option is a genuine leather strap that will last a long time.

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