Which parquet to choose?

Which parquet to choose?

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Which parquet to choose?

When choosing parquet, it is necessary to pay attention to such criteria as the complexity of the pattern, combining fragments of various shapes, and the execution of the pattern of different tree species, which should be an original composition of a mosaic or ornament.

It is also necessary to take into account the compatibility of wood species in color and texture, not forgetting the behavior of parquet elements when exposed to various loads, changes in humidity or temperature.

Basically, the overall pattern of the parquet is characterized by a rectilinear outline. Composed from a set of ready-made geometric details, the parquet does not need additional adjustment during installation.

The highest level of parquet creativity recognized palace parquet. Initially, it was intended for the interior of the palace, but today parquet is quite affordable material. In the process of manufacturing the palace parquet, about 100 species of wood are used. Thanks to intricate ties, color combinations of different shades and absolute beauty, it can serve as the main decoration in any home. The use of palace parquet is often found not only in creating a classic interior, but also in hi-teck projects.

Currently, the latest woodworking machines equipped with program control are used. These machines contribute not only to reducing the time spent on processing, but also to accelerate the manufacturing process. Also, these technologies make it possible to achieve more accurate parquet production. When creating art and palace parquet using modern laser technology. Also, when creating parquet of this type, mechanical technologies of the twenty-first century are used. By means of such technologies, high accuracy of cutting the necessary constituent elements is achieved. A clear advantage of mechanical wood cutting is its precise fit and low impact on wood.

Art parquet is produced only in the factory. In the market environment, such parquet comes with ready-made geometric elements along with the installation diagram. It is assembled by laying by gluing its individual elements.

Palace-style parquet is laid according to a similar technology. The only difference is that in this type of flooring, very difficult, incorrect form shapes are used. That is why the palace floor always looks like a wonderful work of art.

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