Which hotel is better to choose?

Which hotel is better to choose?

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Which hotel is better to choose?

The hotel is a priority component of any business trip or vacation. To stay at the hotel does not turn into constant quarrels and torment with staff and local guides, the hotel must be able to choose. Previously, the vacationer himself must carefully prepare.

Having decided how much you can spend on a hotel, you also need to decide on some requirements that are needed for a comfortable stay. Therefore, here is a list of questions that should be asked to employees of tourism organizations or hotel managers, so as not to be disappointed.

How many stars does the hotel have and how much will it cost?
The question is of course obvious, but attention should be paid to it. Very often, hotels provide all possible discounts for every occasion. For example, the Reikartz hotel chain provides various discount programs in any season for tourists. However, price increases are likely if an event occurs in the city. But the Reikartz hotel chain in this case meets the customers.

What is the power scheme?
Many hotels include breakfast in the price of apartments, a similar scheme is indicated by the initials BB. Hotels with meals twice a day is called half board and is designated as HB. Eating three times a day is full board and is indicated by the letters FB. But some hotels provide both that, and another, proceeding from preferences of the client. For example, Reikartz hotels provide food to customers in a wide range, even the popular all-inclusive system.

What do the apartments look like and what amenities are provided by the hotel?
In this case, it will not be out of place to find out what is the area of ​​the apartment, is there individual air conditioning, is there a refrigerator and a minibar in the apartment, and what is very important - is there a shower or bath in the room? Reikartz hotels possess and answer all these questions, as these are hotels for you and your convenience.

What are the additional services at the hotel?
You need to find out if there are sports and entertainment centers in the hotel, and what services can be used for free? For example, Reikartz hotels have restaurants and bars, as well as free entertainment and sports centers. And upon arrival you will immediately be provided with a list of free services.

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