When should a monument be erected?

When should a monument be erected?

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When should a monument be erected?

Of course, none of us is eternal. Sooner or later, we lose our relatives and friends, friends leave, and only memories, photographs, notes remain in memory. Meanwhile, there is a certain tradition according to which it is possible to perpetuate the memory of those who have gone to another world and keep them in memory for a long time.

Tribute to tradition
The tradition of installing monuments on the graves of deceased people is not just an invention. In this way, the survivors try to express the pain and grief they experience with the loss of a loved one.

Monuments are made using various materials. Here, as a rule, granite, marble and other types of natural stone are used. It is possible to order a monument to the grave inexpensively of various shapes and sizes.

In fact, there are no definite rules for placing granite or stone tombstones on a grave. Such ritual services can be ordered any day after the funeral.

There is a tradition in our society, according to which monuments are erected a year after the funeral, it is believed that during this time the earth settles. If a heavy monument is erected earlier, the earth may settle unevenly. In the future, the monument may be distorted and the work will have to be redone.

As for the observance of some rituals on the day of the funeral, Orthodox crosses are installed on the graves. Similar rules are observed in any case, even if people are unbelievers, but frankly grieve over the loss of a loved one.

At present, special funeral services bureaus are engaged in organizing the funeral. Convenience lies in the fact that you can organize a funeral without extra time and money. Many bureaus open directly workshops for the manufacture of monuments and wrought-iron fences.

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