Skates for figure skating - a step towards big sport
Skates for figure skating - a step towards big sport

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Skates for figure skating - a step towards big sport

If your child is active and has a surplus of energy, figure skating is just for him.

To feel confident on the ice, even for the first time on it, you need competent, properly sized equipment and appropriate shoes - skates. Ice sports footwear is varied. You can buy professional ice skates for figure skating, ice hockey, teenage, sliding and many other types and subspecies.

But you stopped at the children's figure skating. For this reason, we will stop and take a closer look at them. First of all, about why ice skates for children's figure skating differ from adults, professional ones. Stiffness of structures, better fit of the leg, special orthopedic insoles and inserts in the ankle area. This contributes to better preservation of the child's leg, lightens the resulting loads, protects against possible injuries if the leg is incorrectly positioned in the process of teaching your child to figure skating.

Skates for children's figure skating are made of ecological materials with increased strength and comfort. They come in warm and ordinary, classic and fashionable, black, white, brown and other colors.

It is necessary to purchase shoes and clothes for figure skating for children strictly in specialized stores. This guarantees you the quality of materials and workmanship of sports equipment, the comfort and safety of your child. When choosing skates for a child, it is worth considering the child's wishes for the appearance of the product, but you should not follow the whims of your child either. You need to rely on the advice of experts, as well as important indicators: the size, comfort of the leg, the strength of the materials, the use of special additional orthopedic inserts shown for figure skating for children and other indicators, about which you can inquire in detail from the sellers of sports stores, as well as from your coach. child.

Even if you purchase figure skates for free amateur skating of a child in open / indoor areas, you should not choose shoes according to the principle: simpler and cheaper. Remember, the right choice of figure skates is about the health of your child and his smile.

Moreover, the right skates for figure skating will not only protect the legs from injury, but will also help the kid to quickly master the basics of skating. The special cut of this type of shoe helps the foot to remember new movements and positions for the correct execution of the skating elements.

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