Magnetic resonance imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging

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Magnetic resonance imaging

What is an MRI for?
With the help of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), you can not only see the structure of internal organs, but also see how they function.

In MRI, a magnetic field is used that affects the hydrogen atoms of the human body. The atoms exhibit different strengths depending on which organ is being examined. As a result of such an examination, the doctor sees in front of him the processes taking place inside the body. The procedure can be used as an addition to ultrasound of pregnant women. In this case, the information received will be more accurate. In the event that there is a suspicion that the fetus is developing, not quite correctly, MRI is the only way to correctly diagnose, especially since this procedure does not have a harmful effect on the fetus.

Most disorders of the internal organs or the central nervous system are not possible to determine on ultrasound. For example, it is simply impossible to determine how much oxygen is contained in a child's brain by other methods. In order to prevent oxygen starvation, the only way out is magnetic resonance imaging.

Indications and contraindications
Indications for the appointment of MRI:

Suspected pathology of the brain and other organs;
Abnormal growth of the fetus caused by poor circulation in the placenta;
Almost any problem in the maternal body;
Stroke and post-stroke condition;
Any types of metastases, suspicion of them, as well as malignant tumors of human organs;
Spine and head injuries;
Diseases of the inner ear, joints and bones;
Vascular diseases, regardless of their origin.
There are also contraindications to MRI. For example, the presence of implants made of magnetizable materials. In all other cases, contraindications are relative - they can be neglected in conditions of special need.

Where to do the magnetic resonance imaging, each patient decides independently. Doctors prescribe MRI from the 18th week of pregnancy. Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to get rid of absolutely all metal objects (jewelry, watches, piercings, etc.). The patient is placed on a special table in a comfortable position, the call allows you to interrupt the procedure at any time if he feels some discomfort. The presence of accompanying persons is also possible. The duration of the MRI is approximately 30-45 minutes. Almost always, the result of such a study is ready the very next day.

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