What to look for when choosing plastic windows
What to look for when choosing plastic windows

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What to look for when choosing plastic windows

When a serious renovation is carried out in an apartment or house, first of all the owners try to replace the old windows with new ones. Recently, plastic windows have been especially popular, because such structures have:

resistance to environmental influences;
long service life (up to 50 years).

In addition, they are able to reduce the noise level entering the premises from the street due to tight closure. In this regard, you need to know how to choose high quality PVC plastic windows.

Mainly, attention is paid to three components of plastic windows:

Window profile. Attention is drawn to him first of all. Nowadays, there are several large companies that manufacture structures for profiles that stand out against the general background with high quality products: VEKA, KBE, and REHAU. The main difference between these profiles is the specific composition of the plastic used.
Fittings. Although many try to pay attention to the profile and double-glazed windows when choosing, but do not forget that it is the fittings that take on all the loads. Basically, one high-quality window for its entire long service life is capable of withstanding about 50 thousand openings and closings, but only on condition that it is equipped with reliable fittings. Therefore, if you want to purchase durable plastic windows, then you should pay attention to this particular element of the product.
Double-glazed windows. They make up the majority of the window, so it is worth choosing them with full responsibility. In fact, a double-glazed unit is a block consisting of several glasses, which are hermetically fixed in a frame and chambers filled with a special substance are created between them. The glass unit provides protection against the penetration of extraneous sounds from the street, as well as excellent thermal insulation.

To choose a high-quality and reliable glass unit, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

According to all existing norms and standards, one glass must have a thickness of at least 4 mm. Unfortunately, some manufacturers are starting to trick and install glass with a thickness of 3 mm.
If you want to provide excellent thermal insulation of the premises, then you should give preference to multi-chamber double-glazed windows. Best of all, double-glazed windows, consisting of three glasses, cope with the task. They perfectly retain heat, and also protect from extraneous noise.
Triplex glass has become quite popular. They consist of several layers, as well as a special film that is installed between the glasses and provides protection to others: it retains small pieces of glass in the event of its breaking under mechanical stress.

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