Non-banal tourist spots in France

Non-banal tourist spots in France

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Non-banal tourist spots in France

All tourists buying tickets to Paris tend to look at the Eiffel Tower, go to the Louvre and take a walk along the Champs Elysees, but these are not the only attractions that France is famous for. There are many other places worth visiting.

In Western Europe, the temperature rarely even drops below + 5 ° C even in winter, but it is better to buy tours to France in late spring, when everything is blooming around, and the flow of travelers is still not as large as in summer. You can wander around every French museum for several days, slowly inspecting the exhibits, so it is advisable to purchase a ticket for at least a week.

When you visit all the places of worship, go to the Paris Museum of Science. There, tourists' prejudices immediately disappear that France is a country of romantics who do not know anything about technology. This museum houses hundreds of pavilions that showcase the latest technical innovations. On the street near the museum there is a huge mirror ball, inside it is a cinema. If you visit it at night, then rest in France will definitely be remembered for a long time. In the dark, the cinema shimmers with different colors and resembles an alien ship that accidentally landed in the center of Paris.

The country's authorities want tourism to develop even more, so some expositions can now be viewed for free. Not so long ago, the entrance to Victor Hugo’s apartment located on the top floor of the Roanne-Gemene hotel was made free. They say that there lives a ghost of a writer, and he can even be photographed. In the pictures, the late Hugo appears in the form of a white cloud, similar to cigarette smoke.

France has long become a multinational country, and mini-towns populated by immigrants from Asia and Eastern Europe appeared on the outskirts of Paris. If you want exotic, visit the Marais quarter, Jews have settled in it since the thirteenth century, and now representatives of sexual minorities live there. But I would not recommend booking a hotel in this area. Do you miss home - go to the street de la Foley Marcourt, where Russian immigrants have built a store that sells familiar to everyone since childhood, and there is a TV tuned to Russian channels.

Many tourists dream of completing their holidays in France with oysters and frog legs. Shellfish are served in all restaurants, but frog legs are difficult to find here, modern Frenchmen do not eat them. If you really want to enjoy amphibians, go to Chinese eateries located far from the central city streets.

If possible, visit the Andre Citroen Park and admire the masterpieces of landscape design there or take a walk along the waterfall paths in the Paris-Bercy Sports Palace. Seeing these places, you will no longer think that Paris is an ideal place only for couples in love.

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