The main parameters of beauty: gel polishes for nails

The main parameters of beauty: gel polishes for nails

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The main parameters of beauty: gel polishes for nails

Should be fine
When a woman strives to look well-groomed and beautiful, she should have everything in order: from makeup and hairstyles to the tips of nails. That is, manicure and pedicure are also very important in creating an image. Moreover, now it’s already come up with so many tools in this area that it’s a shame to have groomed claws, a healthy blog notes.

If you have good nails by nature, then caring for them is not so difficult: file, polish and varnish. And there is a great variety of varnishes, all shades that you can imagine. Today, there are no restrictions on the color gamut, so fashionistas claw and paint blue, and black, and green.

But what to do for those whose nails are not very strong?
To paint with gel polish. It is now in fashion. It is good because it stays on the nails for a long time, does not exfoliate, the brightness of its color does not disappear, and the nails themselves become stronger. Let's just say: gel polish is an intermediate option between ordinary varnish and gel for building.

It is better to dry it in a special lamp, which is in the salons, but you can cope without it. However, no one will forbid to buy such a lamp for home use.

And what about those who have no nails at all?
That is, thin, weak, constantly breaking and generally look awful. What to do in this case? Ramp up.

There are two types of building: gel and acrylic. But gel is the most common, because it is considered more sparing for health. However, this is already a personal matter for each client: how to carry out the extension procedure. In the meantime, we note that in this case no one will reproach the nails for the lack of strength and hardness. It is clear that they will not flake and break.

And what to cover from above? You can use the same varnish, gel polish, or you can make the so-called “aquarium”, which you don’t need to cover at all.

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