Laser teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening

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Laser teeth whitening

Unfortunately, over time, our teeth lose their original whiteness and turn yellow. But at the same time, each of us loves to smile and wants his smile to look beautiful and attractive.

Now there are several methods of teeth whitening for several shades, among them zoom 3 teeth whitening. The procedure for laser teeth whitening takes no more than 30 minutes, using infrared and laser lamps.

First, a special oxygen-containing gel is applied to the teeth, and then the procedure itself is performed. The whitening procedure is painless, although sometimes patients report feeling a slight tingling sensation. Among the side effects, there can be only increased sensitivity of the enamel in the first day or two after the procedure.

The cost of laser teeth whitening is quite high, but you can only whiten the front 6-8 teeth, which are visible when you smile, it will be much cheaper. Although experts recommend whitening all teeth at once, as this exercise helps protect against caries and kills harmful bacteria.

In addition, this procedure successfully fights stains on the teeth that cannot be cleaned with a regular toothbrush. In just one session, teeth become lighter by one or two shades.

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