Holidays with children at sea

Holidays with children at sea

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Holidays with children at sea

When and where can I spend a lot of time with parents who are not working? Of course at sea. Holidays at sea is a vacation that will allow you to spend all your free time with your family and will give both children and adults a lot of unforgettable experiences. Today, many family resorts offer a variety of children's entertainment, such as water parks, dolphinariums, parks, aquariums. And, nevertheless, for a vacation with children on the sea to bring only joy, it is necessary to thoroughly prepare for it.

Having decided to go to rest on the sea, in advance find out about the place where you are going to stay: living conditions, food, distance to the sea, especially beaches and more. Think about what your child will be doing on the road. Take along a board game, a book, coloring books, pencils, your favorite toy.

Plan meals on the road, take clean water with you, do not forget about cleaning wipes and replaceable clothes, as children often get dirty. Holidays with children at sea provide a mandatory set of medications, such as brilliant green, iodine, cotton wool, bandages, medicines for temperature, colds, indigestion, allergies, sunscreen and burns.

You can travel to the sea with children from the age of two. The best time to relax at sea with small children is August-September. Nevertheless, even in the velvet season, you do not need to abuse the sun and, of course, you need to put on a panama’s head and lubricate the child’s body with sunscreen.

Whatever month of the summer you decide to spend your holidays with the children at sea, remember that the maximum solar activity occurs in 11-16 hours. This time is best spent in other places protected from direct sunlight. The end of summer - the beginning of autumn is especially suitable for children with allergies, since during this period southern plants no longer bloom.

Many parents know for sure that most children who come to the sea undergo acclimatization, which can take about 10 days. Therefore, going on vacation with a small child, it is advisable to spend at least three weeks at sea. Before the trip, it is recommended to take vitamins, and on arrival on the first day it is better for the baby not to swim. Only in the next two days you can splash a few times, but each call should take no more than five minutes.

In the early days, the child may have a fever, loss of appetite and even vomiting - these are signs of acclimatization. Do not worry if the child is cheerful and cheerful, but if the symptoms persist for a long time or cough and diarrhea appear, the child should be shown to the doctor. Do not neglect useful tips, wherever you are going to stay, whether it is a boarding house, sanatorium or a private hotel, and then a vacation with children at sea will become a carefree and fun event filled with happy, bright moments.

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