Rest in Shayan
Rest in Shayan

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Rest in Shayan

To enjoy a top-class vacation, you don’t need to go to expensive resorts, but you should look around and see a lot of wonderful places. For example, Shayan. This resort village is located in the Transcarpathian region and is highly respected among travelers, according to the blog for girls. Why? Yes, because there are ancient healing springs, clean entrancing air and mountainous picturesque landscape. The resort was created for healing and will energize any depleted organism.

Accommodation in Shayan will not be a problem, since different cottages, private houses, recreation centers and sanatoriums offer their accommodation services. The resort is good all year round. In the summer you can walk on berries, climb mountains, swim on the river and swim in the lake with clear water. This is a paradise for those who love green tourism. In winter, Shayan is transformed into a kingdom of snow and skiing begins. The resort has two ski lifts, ski rental shops and snow cannons.

The climate in Shayan is formed thanks to the mountains that surround the village and is generally favorable. The warmest months are July and August. Winter is mild and without severe frosts. It must be remembered that people go to the resort for nature, and not to enjoy a variety of infrastructure (pools, gyms, saunas, etc.). She is practically not in Shayan, or rather she is, but is located on the territory of sanatoriums. Since there are an abundance of lakes and streams in the village and surrounding territories, organized places with well-maintained beaches and rental of catamarans and boats often function near water bodies.

Excursions on the Shayan have a natural focus. The main wealth is the amazing mountains, in which various trips are organized. Those travelers who want more impressions can book an excursion throughout the Transcarpathian region. This is where the historical and architectural expanse really begins: ancient churches, romantic castles, diverse farms, the valley of daffodils, monuments and much more.

What else will pleasantly surprise tourists is the delicious Transcarpathian cuisine. Delicious dishes are made from simple products: boiled balls from cottage cheese, chicken watering with homemade noodles, bograch, dumplings, various sausages. Shayan quickly becomes a second home, and I do not want to leave this amazing spiritual place at all.

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