Why do girls go to prostitutes in Kiev?

Why do girls go to prostitutes in Kiev?

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Why do girls go to prostitutes in Kiev?

The fact that prostitution cannot be practiced in Ukraine is widely known all over the world. This is strictly prohibited by law. This is stated by the decree of the Presidium of the Verkhovna Rada, dated June 12, 1987. It should be noted that previously the authorities even provided for criminal responsibility for women on call. But in January 2006, the criminal punishment for providing sexual services for money was canceled.

At this stage, individual girls here are working quite actively in the center of the capital, and the authorities are looking at this phenomenon through the fingers.

What are the reasons for those young ladies who deliberately go to prostitutes in Kiev, but also in other cities of Ukraine? In this we will try to understand this article.

The first reason
The need to maintain a family. Typically, this segment includes girls from dysfunctional families, care for the welfare and maintenance of all relatives lay on their shoulders. And they did not find themselves any other occupation, except to go to the panel. Someone does not have in order to qualify for other positions of the necessary education. Others simply have no desire to do something else.

The second reason
Incredible craving for sex. Typically, this includes nymphomaniac - those girls who do not represent their lives without having to try everything connected with this and immediately with different men.

The third reason
Unsuccessful attempts to build relationships with the opposite sex. Very often, girls become ladies of easy virtue because they have had the bitterness of unsuccessful love in the past. They are not confident and afraid of everything new. Therefore, do not enter into a serious relationship with men. Prostitution for them is a great way to forget and make money for a living.

Reason Four
Self-doubt, fear of loneliness. In this category can be attributed to girls who experience many complexes about their appearance. They really want to like men, but they are afraid that they will not reciprocate. These ladies want love, but sex for money seems to them the easiest and fastest way to get rid of the fear of loneliness.

Conclusion: prostitution in Ukraine was, is and probably will be. Should the authorities decide whether to legalize it? How this relates to everyone decides for himself. But we, Ukrainians, live in a free country and we need to remember that everything is good and acceptable as long as it does not harm another. It can be said about everything. And what “night butterflies” swing, then each of them probably can tell their own story of the life path, after analyzing which it is possible to draw conclusions why it all happened this way. But the main reasons for the appearance of ladies of easy virtue who work for money are set forth in this article!

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