Why is it worth buying a ticket to Montenegro?

Why is it worth buying a ticket to Montenegro?

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Why is it worth buying a ticket to Montenegro?

Every year, a huge number of our compatriots choose Montenegro as a vacation spot. This country is adored by noisy companies that prefer active rest.

Newlyweds can also find a romantic place in which to spend their honeymoon. Many of them return to this country on vacation with their children.

Montenegro has a huge number of historical sights, monuments, museums, monasteries and galleries. A significant part of tourists from our country choose this country due to prices that, in comparison with European prices, please with their availability. Any tourist can choose apartments in the resorts of Montenegro, which will suit him in all respects.

Today, you can easily book hotels, because the beginning of the season (May) is just around the corner, and it will last until the end of October. The peak season, which is rich in sunny days, is the period from mid-June to September. With regard to the velvet season, it lasts two months (September and October). This is the time when the sea has warmed up very well and the sun does not burn, but only caresses with gentle rays.

If you want to spend your vacation here, receiving quality service for little money, then you should buy a ticket in advance by booking it through a travel agency or directly at the hotel.

There are direct flights from our country to the city of Podgorica. But if you want to visit Budva, then you can land at the Tivat airport, which is located near this city. Budva can be called a favorite place for fans of noisy parties and an active lifestyle. But if you are planning a family vacation, then it is better to buy a ticket to Montenegro, and choose quieter towns on the coast, for example, Petrovac or Ulchin, as a vacation spot. The best beach in Budva is Mogren, which is more than three hundred meters long.

Montenegro is famous for its serpentine roads, that is, you can enjoy the beauty of its nature even during excursion transfers from one attraction to another. However, it is worth remembering that serpentines hide many dangers, in particular, after rain, the road becomes difficult and it is not easy to drive a car, especially for drivers who find themselves in such road conditions for the first time. Consider this if you rented a car in Montenegro or came here by your own car.

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