Hiking in the mountains

Hiking in the mountains

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Hiking in the mountains

You decided to go hiking in the mountains, then what could be better than the Carpathians? The Carpathians are beautiful smerekovye forests, green meadows, turbulent mountain rivers, clean air. Such a trip is a great opportunity to take a break from the bustle of the city, enjoy the beautiful scenery and silence.

If you are going camping with tents, then you will need a variety of equipment and hiking kit. First of all, it is a backpack, tents and a sleeping bag, comfortable shoes and clothing. You also need to take care of the dishes, which will be simply necessary. You will need a cauldron, metal plates, mugs, spoons, a knife. And buy a stainless steel thermos, it is simply indispensable in the campaign.

The Carpathians will conquer you with their beauty and diversity. If today you stop for the night at the mountain river, then tomorrow you have a chance to climb the highest point of the Carpathian Mountains - Hoverla. But note that in the Carpathians, the weather can change several times a day, and if the morning sun shone gently, then in the evening you can get wet to the skin in the pouring rain.

All the highest peaks of the Carpathians are lined up in one chain and constitute the Montenegrin ridge. If you want to go hiking on the Montenegrin ridge, know that this event is extreme, but it's worth it, because you will have the opportunity to see the beautiful mountain lake Nesamovity and the ruins of the Polish observatory. For lovers of "quiet hunting" here is just the expanse. All summer and autumn you can pick up different mushrooms, and there are so many whites that the local population just does not have time to collect them.

You can also stock up on various berries: blueberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries grow in the meadows and cuttings. If you go camping in the mountains, you break your camp on the banks of a mountain river, then you will have a great opportunity to go fishing. There is a lot of fish in the rivers of the Carpathians and the most diverse, so you have an ear for dinner. And do not stop to enjoy the beauty of nature around you, you will not see this anywhere else, and by taking wonderful pictures or video recordings, you can plunge into memories of the wonderful time you spent on the slopes of the wonderful and beautiful Carpathian mountains. And I think that, having visited these mountains once, you will want to return there again.

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