Sewing modern medical clothing

Sewing modern medical clothing

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Sewing modern medical clothing

In addition to beauty, long service life, strength, medical clothing must also combine good hygienic properties and qualities, such as airtightness and hygroscopicity.

When sewing overalls for medical personnel, the manufacturer of medical clothing uses a special fabric with antibacterial impregnation, which can be in two versions: “twill” or smooth. Other types of fabric are also used: cotton, calico, gabardine.

All medical clothing is created with professional requirements in mind. The modern cut, among other things, allows you to emphasize all the advantages and skillfully hide all the flaws in the figure of medical workers, which is undoubtedly important especially for women doctors. A variety of colors and decorative finishes make women doctors feel comfortable and attractive.

Many ateliers offer branding and logo application on the overalls of doctors in different ways: chevron, embroidery, silk-screen printing, and so on.

The creation of modern fashionable overalls for medical workers is a special direction in the art of design. The development of models of medical workwear initially has some limitations, however, despite them, designers develop beautiful, fashionable clothing models that can cause deep respect and trust in doctors from patients.

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