Advantages and disadvantages of a hydraulic pump

Advantages and disadvantages of a hydraulic pump

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Advantages and disadvantages of a hydraulic pump

The hydraulic pump is the most important element in the operation of the machine and some other mechanisms. Nowadays, the market offers a huge number of models. How can an ordinary buyer figure out which device is the best among such a variety? First, let's try to understand the device of the hydraulic pump and understand the principles of operation. There are several main types:

A simple - vane, vane or centrifugal pump - is created for hydraulic drives with increased pressure build-up;
Reciprocating - well used in oil and fuel systems;
Axial piston and radial piston - have a rather complex structure and relatively small dimensions. They are widely used in mechanisms with increased load.
Now, knowing the types and differences of hydraulic pumps, we can highlight the main advantages of the manual type:

Relatively light weight;
The ability to use without power supply;
Simple to use;
Compactness and reliability.
The disadvantages of such equipment include:

Sometimes it takes a lot of physical strength to start the device and prepare it for work;
Only small amounts of work can be done;
Manual labor is used;
Low productivity.
Comparing the pros and cons, we can conclude that there are still advantages, albeit small. But despite all the shortcomings, no branch of activity, especially mechanized, can do without hydraulic pumps. Which hydraulic pump is actually the best can be found out only by testing each device in operation, and therefore only the consumer himself can determine which one is better.

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