Application of kvvgng hf cable

Application of kvvgng hf cable

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Application of kvvgng hf cable

A very priority and used product today is cable, since it is almost impossible to imagine modern mankind without it.

With the help of cables, electrical energy and information flows are transmitted over long distances. Today there are a huge number of all kinds of cable brands, and one of the best is kvvgng hf cable.

This cable consists of a round copper conductor, which is covered with a layer of insulation, as well as a sheath made of polyvinyl chloride plastic.

Basically, kvvgng hf cable is designed for connection to all kinds of electrical devices, both with alternating voltage up to 600V and constant voltage up to 1000 V. This cable is used in absolutely all cases of fixed connection and can be used in any conditions of corrosive environments, while no application is required mechanical stress. Also, such a cable is widely used in order to provide signals in control systems, for example, when laying in rooms, tunnels and channels. In addition to copper, aluminum is also used as a material in the kvgng hf control cable, however, in this case, the letter A is added to the marking.

If we talk about the functional purpose, the kvvgng hf cable can be either shielded or unshielded. The screen in this case is a special foil made of thin aluminum. This option is used in various information computer and electronic systems, when installing office equipment, in general, where the highest quality impulse transmission is required. There are also kvvgng hf fire-resistant cables that are used in places where there is a risk of fire.

The most widespread cables are kvvgng hf, they are used in various premises, for example, clinics, hospitals, shops, hotels and others.

Such cables are also used when it is necessary to connect and install peripherals and computer equipment, as well as various microprocessors. The lower temperature limit of such a cable is about 50 degrees, and the cable is sufficiently resistant to frequent bends during installation and assembly. In this case, the cable is operated under the condition that the temperature of one core does not exceed 70 degrees.

Also, it can be laid outdoors. The service life of such a kvvgng hf cable is quite long, more than 30 years.

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