Sale of wooden houses made of laminated veneer lumber at a low price. Is it true or not?
Sale of wooden houses made of laminated veneer lumber at a low price. Is it true or not?

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Sale of wooden houses made of laminated veneer lumber at a low price. Is it true or not?

If you are looking for a company that is engaged in the construction of wooden houses, then it is best for you to contact "Modern Wooden Houses", this company is the leader in the Ukrainian market, and is ready to offer you the construction of houses from laminated veneer lumber, so this is the main direction of our company.

Over the entire period of work, we have already erected more than 600 houses; we employ the best specialists who have extensive experience in construction.

Of course, in order to build such a house, it is important to use only environmentally friendly wood and believe me, if you use all the necessary equipment, tools and act according to technology, then houses made of laminated veneer lumber will serve you for many years and for a family this is the best investment in your future.

It is worth talking about the stages of production of the material itself, since we cooperate only with proven logging companies, we guarantee high quality products. We have all the necessary equipment in production, after which we select the best wood without any cracks or defects.

The next step is drying the wood, and after that, the wooden lamellas are sent to the workshop for gluing and profiling, everything is carried out under strict control, so a high-quality product is obtained with which they are made at home.

Sale of wooden houses from one of the leading companies in Ukraine
If you have a desire to build a wooden house at the highest price, then you should familiarize yourself with our projects, and you can do this on the website You can also create an individual project according to your requirements and wishes.

Glued laminated timber is a material that is not so well known in our country, but for example, in Canada or Finland, this material has established itself for a very long time and more than 80% of buildings are built with the help of it. If we talk about the dignity of such a material, then it is environmentally friendly and natural and has high strength and reliability, it has increased fire resistance, as well as high levels of thermal insulation. You do not need to build some kind of powerful foundation, as such a house will carry a low load.

5 advantages of laminated veneer lumber houses:

They have a very low thermal conductivity;
Houses have minimal shrinkage;
In the production of timber, only automated technologies and quality control are used;
You can create an individual project, taking into account all the wishes of the client;
Environmentally friendly air inside is already ready at home.

We are ready to please our customers with modern construction and value our reputation, therefore we are ready to provide appropriate guarantees for the construction of these buildings.

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