Mammary cancer

Mammary cancer

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Mammary cancer

The highest incidence rate belongs to the age of 45-60 years. In many foreign countries, breast cancer is not considered a significant disease.

Modern medicine is able to cope with this ailment. This, unfortunately, cannot be said about Russia. The statistics here are very sad, since in most cases there are not enough highly effective means to combat this disease. In addition, an equally important reason is that many come to the doctor too late, when nothing can be done. Therefore, doctors recommend every woman to self-examine at home. It won't take long, but it will be of great benefit.

First of all, you should watch your physical condition. Go to a gym or exercise at home in the morning and evening. Avoid obesity in every possible way. In addition, you should regularly examine your breasts for any lumps, sores, etc. but more on that later. In no case should you panic. Remember that only in 10% of cases, a deviation from the norm can be exactly the same malignant tumor.

So, about self-examination
It must be carried out independently at least 1 time a month on the same day. Experts recommend doing this during menstruation, since this is when the glands are relaxed. A purely visual inspection is required first. To do this, you should take off your outerwear, raise your hands above your head and carefully examine the glands. They must be exactly the same and symmetrical in shape. The main signs of a deviation from the norm are: enlargement of one breast, redness or swelling, the appearance of a rash and other suspicious spots. If you notice any of the above during self-examination, you should immediately consult a doctor and have an MRI of Kaluga done urgently.

After visual self-examination, you can start feeling. This procedure should be done twice: first while standing and then lying on your back. In a standing position, you should smoothly draw tightly closed fingers from the collarbone to the ribs. Then you need to feel the depressions for enlarged lymph nodes. You should be alerted by the balls you feel under the skin. In addition, you should also carefully examine the nipples. They should not show any changes (cracks, changes in color, shape, etc.). After self-examination, you can make an ultrasound of the mammary glands, the cost of which is not so high.

The main reasons for the development of breast cancer are: early menstruation (up to 12 years of age), breast trauma, late onset of sexual activity, abortion, late childbirth.

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