Liver cancer: symptoms and treatment of the disease

Liver cancer: symptoms and treatment of the disease

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Liver cancer: symptoms and treatment of the disease

In recent years, the percentage of detection of oncological diseases of various internal organs of a person has sharply increased. Such pathology as liver cancer is especially common. There are two forms of this disease: primary and secondary.

In the second case, the cause of tumor development is the ingress of infected (tumor) cells from other affected organs. Moreover, the secondary form of the disease is diagnosed 20 times more often in comparison with the primary one. This fact is explained by the fact that the liver serves as a filter that allows blood to pass through itself from the entire body.

The reasons for the development of this disease are varied. These include cirrhosis of the liver, chronic viral hepatitis, an excess of iron in the body, (hemochromatosis), various diseases of a parasitic nature, syphilis, alcoholism in the chronic stage, the effect on the body of carcinogens, the use of anabolic steroids, arsenic, contraceptives, etc. ...

In order to be able to timely identify liver cancer, the symptoms of this disease must be studied in as much detail as possible. So, its signs include: constant general malaise, weakness, anemia, the appearance of dyspeptic disorders, such as loss of appetite and nausea, in some cases accompanied by vomiting. Alarming symptoms also include a feeling of pressing heaviness in the hypochondrium on the right side, aching pain and an increase in overall body temperature. As the disease progresses, the liver begins to grow in size, protruding from under the ribs. Moreover, over time, the diseased organ acquires an excessive, "woody" density.

To diagnose the development of liver cancer, several of the most effective methods of examination are used: liver elastography, ultrasound of this organ, magnetic resonance imaging or X-ray computed tomography, biochemical blood test, or a test for tumor markers. Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging is no less effective.

The method of treatment is selected specifically for each patient based on the results of his examination.

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