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Translation editing

Make a quality translation is not easy, as it may seem from the outside. It's not for nothing that the agencies and the translation bureau have employees of different profiles. Thanks to their joint work, the required result is achieved. After the requirements are agreed upon, the material is transferred to the interpreter. He fulfills his duties. The target document is subject to editorial and proofreading. Upon their completion, the project is considered completed. We want to note that in any professional translation bureau there is an editor. There are several approaches to editing texts. First of all, an interpreter performs the role of the editor, performing a check. But regardless of this, the material is given for proofreading to a separate specialist. Since a fresh look can reveal inaccuracies, which the interpreter did not notice. In practice, there have been cases when, after editing, the text has undergone significant changes. Rules and specificity of editing Without editing, it is impossible to get quality and literate text. It is during the proofreading process that semantic and terminological inaccuracies are corrected, work with stylistics, etc; According to the rules, it is forbidden to make changes to the original. Because this will lead to a distortion of meaning. In this case, the very concept of translation is lost; Compliance with the completeness of the translation is a compulsory requirement. In other words, all the information from the original should be provided in the target document. You can not miss anything. But in practice, this sin beginners translators. The editor's task is not to allow this, but to point out mistakes. That they corrected them; You can edit it in different ways. Each specialist has an individual technique. But the goal is to get a literate and correct text. When editing the emphasis is on the semantic and stylistic basis; In serious translation organizations of the capital there is a regulated set of rules and requirements for personnel. That allows you to organize an effective workflow. Any employee knows his duties and works towards a common goal. The Human Factor in Editing The profession of an interpreter is creative. Give the same text to several people. And you will receive several translation options. This is normal and indicates that the translation shows the individuality of the performer. Similarly, editors do not always act on the basis of the text when checking text. Since in practice everything is not the same as in theory. Naturally, you need to know the measure.
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