Makeup secrets

Makeup secrets

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Makeup secrets

How to remain irresistible at any time and in any situation, without much effort. And so, you so want, without splurging on cosmetics and services of a make-up artist, to always make a great impression? Our makeup tips and secrets will help you achieve this without much difficulty.

Good tone
Perfect complexion and flawless even skin are the basis of makeup, so if nature has not rewarded you with these treasures, modern foundations come to the rescue. Foundation creams with reflective particles can help give dull tired skin a radiance. Try to avoid shades that are very different from your natural skin tone, especially since dark creams will give your skin not only a lifeless, dull look, but also make you look older.

Color contrasts
Today, decorative cosmetics have a variety of textures and a huge palette, which allows us to show creative imagination. You can safely play with nuances, choose shadows in combination with the color of your eyes, which will emphasize the depth of the look and make them more expressive, without forgetting to buy a convenient backpack for a makeup artist in which it is very convenient to store and carry all cosmetics.

"Pencil kids"
This is not to say that the pencil is "the discovery of America." But sometimes we underestimate its capabilities, firstly, it saves space in our cosmetic bag, and secondly, it helps to touch up makeup during the day. Multiple colored, soft eyeliners to sharpen the lip line and contour to keep your face fresh and flawless all day.

A sweep of thick lashes
Thick, long, non-sticky eyelashes, from which mascara does not crumble ... Isn't that every girl dreams about. After all, the emphasis on the eyelashes makes the makeup complete and even sometimes, a transparent lip gloss and thick painted eyelashes are enough to look confident. Such "universal" mascaras, combining all functions in one bottle: curling, volume and lengthening, are especially popular. But still we advise you to take a closer look at the "narrow-profile specialists".

Caution - allergies
If you are prone to allergies and you have very sensitive skin, then before using any new product of decorative cosmetics, cream or lotion, first check it on a small area of ​​the body (at the elbow or near the ear) for the presence or absence of allergies, so as not get into an awkward situation. Also, don't forget to check the expiration date of your cosmetics. There is no benefit from expired cosmetics, and decorative ones will crumble, roll off and look like yesterday's makeup.

To the tips of the nails
Nail polish can be in a fashionable range, bright or natural bedding, or just transparent tones - it's a matter of taste. However, a manicure must be neat in any case - this is a prerequisite. Choose an effective varnish that lasts well and lasts a long time.

Only inner light makes us irresistible, therefore one of the brightest adornments of a woman, the elixir of youth and beauty, is a good mood and a smile. So smile over and over again!

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