Ball flange valves in everyday life

Ball flange valves in everyday life

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Ball flange valves in everyday life

Ball flange valves have appeared on the building materials market relatively recently. These valves are shut-off pipeline valves that are used to shut off the water pressure. Previously, such cranes were used mainly in enterprises where the media was supplied under significant pressure, more recently such cranes have become often used in everyday life.

The main reason for the growth in demand for ball flanged valves is the relative cheapness of this type of valve, combined with the reliability of the design and ease of use. The flow of water in these taps is controlled mechanically using a lever, which allows you to quickly change the pressure of the supplied water.

Application of ball valves
The use of such taps is widespread when carrying out water supply systems in summer cottages, where there is a need to output a separate tap to organize irrigation. Flanged ball valves are very resistant to aggressive media and practically corrosion free. And you can buy flanges for collar and ball valves via the Internet.

Also, flanged ball valves for water are often used as at the point where the water pipe enters the apartment, so that, if necessary, it is possible to shut off the water in the entire apartment.

Also, such taps are very convenient for use when arranging an autonomous sewage system, since they are quite easy to use and at the same time may well serve to shut off polluted drains.

Advantages of flanged ball valves
Flanged ball valves have a number of advantages, such as:

high tightness of the floor,
lack of stagnant zones,
the ability to install in any working position,
no need for maintenance,
can be used for dirty and viscous media,
ease of use,
long service life.

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