Changing tires on time is the key to road safety
Changing tires on time is the key to road safety

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Changing tires on time is the key to road safety

Emergency situations on the roads occur not only due to violation of basic traffic rules. Often the main cause is out-of-season tires. Drivers in many cases ignore such an important point of the requirements, both the rules and the instructions of the car manufacturers, recommending the mandatory use of only the appropriate rubber at one time or another of the year. It is to ensure safety that tires of appropriate characteristics are produced, which provide cars with high-quality grip on the road in their season.

Summer and winter tires have the most important difference from each other - this is the quantitative and qualitative composition of the material, which has its own requirements. By summer - be resistant and not "spread" at high temperatures. By winter - to be soft and not become "skates" for a car at low temperatures in winter. Failure to understand these features, ignoring instructions and entails the creation of road accidents, injuries and deaths.

Right now the time has come when you need to tackle the issue of preparing to replace summer tires with winter ones. If there is no corresponding winter one, then you need to purchase it. Today winter tires are presented in a wide variety of a large number of manufacturers, as well as for various types of driving. There is a high-speed rubber for careful driving, the use of which will make it easier to control a car on various types of roads. But parting with old tires will not be a problem, since today there is such a demanded service as buying a tire with any level of wear.

The tread pattern of summer tires speaks about their capabilities, and the speed index - about the permissible speed parameters at which the use of this type of tires will ensure their greatest efficiency. Directional, symmetrical and asymmetrical tread patterns affect the choice of tires according to the driving method.

The main parameters of summer tires begin to manifest themselves effectively after +7 degrees Celsius. That is why the last days of winter are the time when you need to pay attention to the rubber "shoes" of your car.

Aquaplaning, the quality of grip, ensuring the effectiveness of the contact patch due to original solutions for drainage from this area, withstanding the specified loads, handling the car with certain types of rubber - all these are indicators that should be the best for the model of a personal car and the way of driving it by the car enthusiast himself.

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