Hookah tobacco: how and who produces it

Hookah tobacco: how and who produces it

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Hookah tobacco: how and who produces it

Tobacco in a hookah plays an important role. After all, no matter how expensive and high-quality the smoking apparatus itself was, if tobacco is not suitable, then the pleasure from smoking will be doubtful. Hookah tobaccos, or smoking mixtures, which can be found on store shelves, although they have a huge variety of flavors and varieties, are conditionally divided into groups:

30% tobacco - 70% honey;
100% tobacco;
A mixture of the first two.
Golden Virginia is the tobacco base for most of the major brands. In addition to directly dried leaves and honey (it can be replaced with molasses), the following are added to the smoking mixture:

Congestion aroma (sometimes real dried fruit);
Manufacturing process
The technology of making a hookah mix has not changed for many years. In different companies, the process itself is not much different, the only difference is in the set of raw materials and the proportions of ingredients.

First step. At the very beginning, the tobacco leaves are finely chopped and soaked for up to five days. The effective strength depends on the number of days; the longer, the less it is. Soaking in distilled water also removes tar from the tobacco. The final indicators of the content of tar and nicotine must be indicated on the package.

Second phase. The next step is to leave the soaked tobacco leaves soaked in syrup (molasses or honey). Up to five days are also allocated for this. After the tobacco is squeezed out of excess and added to it flavors and glycerin. The latter is necessary to increase the shelf life of the product.

Stage three. Drying. After the second soaking procedure, the mixture is aged for a few more days before being packaged.

Hookah mix manufacturers
There is a wide sector of flavor variations of hookah tobacco products from various global manufacturers on the market, so it will not be difficult to buy hookah tobacco. These are mainly firms from the Middle East, but there are also representatives of countries such as the United States or even Russia.

The most popular and recognizable companies for the production of mixtures are:

Al Fakher;
Al Amir;
Layalina Nakhla;
Golden Layalina;
Now in order
Al Fakher: Arab Emirates, Ajman. On the market - 15 years.
This tobacco is the most widespread in the world. And all thanks to the high quality and surprisingly low cost. The assortment includes more than five dozen flavors. Well soaked, finely chopped, medium strength.

Al Amir: Saudi Arabia. On the international market - 11 years.
Known for its unusual tastes. In terms of quality, it is not inferior to products from the leaders of tobacco production, but has not yet gained sufficient popularity in the CIS countries.

Layalina Nakhla: Egypt. It has been producing tobacco for 100 years.
Today they make both classic tobacco blends and more modern variations of them. Rich experience, wide assortment, indisputable quality - it is not surprising that even now this company occupies a leading position in sales all over the world. It has a medium strength and pronounced flavors.

Stabuzz: USA. On the market for 9 years.
It is the first tobacco of its kind that has gained popularity and recognition throughout the world, not manufactured in the Middle East. Its main advantages are: bright taste, lots of smoke and low nicotine content.

Golden Layalina: Arab Emirates. 6 years on the market.
This tobacco company is known not for the quality and taste of its blends, but for their packaging. They focused on convenient and beautiful packaging of goods in metal cans, which are much more practical than the usual cardboard packaging. They do not leak and keep the mixture from weathering longer. The quality of tobacco is at the level, and a wide range of flavors only strengthens Golden Layalina's position on the market.

In custody
With such a wide selection, you have the opportunity to find the perfect tobacco for your taste!

In terms of price indicators, the winners are: Al Fakher and Nakhla;

High quality tobacco of the highest grade: Golden Layalina, Al Fakher, Nakhla;

Rich aroma is given by: Al Amir or Starbuzz;

Lots of smoke: Al Amir or Starbuzz.

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